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Stay up to date with the latest product and service updates from our members and get great home improvements tips from our contributors with the submitted articles below. 

08/05/2006 - Cleaning Leather Furniture
New leather hides are supple yet firm, stuffed with oils and moderately acidic. The goal in caring for leather is to keep it that way, even through years of use. According to most leather experts, the best way to accomplish that is to treat it similar to our skin: keep it clean and moisturize it. Read the full article here >>

28/03/2006 - D.I.Y Plumbing Repair
One common plumbing problem that often occurs at the most inconvenient of times is a clogged drain. Many home owners are tempted to reach for a bottle of their favourite drain cleaner - they are easy to use, supposed to be quick, and you don't have to get your hands dirty. Read the full article here >>

28/03/3006 - Choosing Room Colours
It is important that the colour in the different rooms around the house come together logically. Analyze each of the tones; determine which colours, and in what proportions, they complement each other to give the final result. Read the full article here >>

16/03/2006 - Checking for Asbestos around the Home
If you are concerned about asbestos exposure you are not alone. Many individuals wonder if they have been exposed, and if so, what they can do to help protect their health. If you think that you have been exposed to asbestos or are looking for ways to prevent an exposure, look no further. We will go over some of the health problems that arise from asbestos exposure, and what can be done to prevent them. Read the full article here >>

16/03/2006 - Changing Lighting on a Budget
We aren’t all blessed with bucket loads of money to throw at improving our living space. Here are a few tips that can change the way you feel in your home by simply changing the lighting arrangements. Read the full article here >>

16/03/2006 - Carpet Repair Tips
It's almost inevitable that at some time you will need to do a carpet repair. There are two common types of carpet repairs that professionals will do for you or that you might do yourself. They are re-stretching and cut and plug. Read the full article here >>

16/03/2006 - Carpet Cleaning Tips
If you are the one who is really worry about your carpet, here is some simple guide for treating stains and maintaining carpets and upholstery. Read the full article here >>

15/03/2006 - Acoustical Foam for Soundproofing
Objects with mass are the only way to effectively prevent unwanted noise from entering or exiting your home studio or home theatre. Sound absorbing objects are necessary to dampen the sound waves and interrupt their transmission. Some common objects used include installing a second wall, heavy curtains, soundproof windows, and fabrics such as wool. Read the full article here >>

15/03/2006 - Air Conditioners
On a warm summer afternoon, air conditioners can, literally, be lifesavers! I know of people who don’t mind dashing across the street just to make it into an air-conditioned room quickly. Staying cool is one thing – but let us remind you that staying safe and healthy is more important. Read the full article here >>

15/03/2006 - Bamboo Flooring
The modern, environmentally friendly and durable alternative to hardwood is bamboo flooring. Being a grass, as opposed to timber, gives bamboo the edge as a not only a building product (being strong and at the same time flexible), but also as a sustainable resource: wood takes approximately 15-20 years to reach maturity, whereas the non-harmful harvesting of bamboo takes a mere 3 to 5 years. Read the full article here >>

15/03/2006 - Bathroom Remodelling Ideas
So you have finally finished that bathroom remodelling project by installing the last tile square, and applied that final coat of paint. The plumbing has been buttoned up and everything looks to be just how you pictured it in your head before you started. So where do you go from here? Read the full article here >>

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